Just drop it

You're right, Elsa. I guess the past is in the past.

You’re right, Elsa. I guess the past is in the past.

I’m one of those people that has to have an answer for everything. I don’t mean comebacks in an argument – I’m talking needing to know why, what, why did something happen – needing to hear an answer or ending of a story, no matter if it’s “happily-ever-after” or “Oh, scheisse” .

Boobs isn’t. He’s more like a duck and can let things roll off his back.

He had an incredible job offer just within reach but it was yanked out from under him on a technicality. There was no tidy ending. He was left hanging even though he was THE guy and really would have made a go of it. So I’ve had a nagging in my head, needing to hear a final yes/no answer from someone. He’s basically moved on but I just couldn’t let it go. Maybe I haven’t sung the song from Frozen enough. Maybe if i get my 3-year old to sign it for me it’ll make me feel better.

He’s let-it-go-Elasa, I’m do-you-want-to-build-a-snowman-Anna.

I’d like to think they’ll realize they can’t find anyone else that had all of the right qualifications except a silly piece of paper bearing the words DIPLOMA and instead focus on his experience and his references.

Not likely to happen, but I like to pretend it could.


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