Clean Bee

Deep thoughts over the last little while as to why I don’t clean as often as I should. It’s really been weighing on my mind lately. Uh, ya.

Truthfully though – it’s from being disorganized. My cleaning stuff is all over the house: there’s a bucket of some things in the ensuite, a tub of stuff in another bathroom and some cleaning appliances are in the laundry room but the vacuum could be anywhere, as in it’s on whatever floor I vacuumed last. I had to scramble this morning for my (newly hired) cleaning lady to gather up all of the things she’d need in order to work. Sheesh. Boobs will sometimes ask where the vacuum is (because he says he’s a better cleaner than I am and maybe that’s true because I don’t feel like moving the furniture from one side of the room to the other to get under the couches).

So without resorting to Pinterest, even though I probably will anyway, I’ll resolve to keep everything in one container which can be lugged from room to room. I bet it’s something you already new how to do, but I’m all for procrastination.


Be Pollen

When I was driving home from Homesense today, I saw a lady walking down the sidewalk who’d stopped and trailed down to a part where the weeds and wildflowers were. She started pulling off tufts of fluffy seeds from what I’ll assume was a milkweed and was tossing them into the air.

Was it an urge she had or is she an errant human pollinator?