I got buns in my hand and they won’t go…

“My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun,” ~Sir Mix-a-Lot

Oh I’ve got buns. A whole bag of them, to be exact. The large assortment of ciabatta, bagel, kaiser and dinner rolls that was only $2.75 at Walmart this week caught my eye.

A staling bun is nothing the toaster can’t fix. Slice, toast lightly (maybe 30 seconds max) and you’re good to go. Boobs would disagree, as he has serious issues expiry dates (which have recently been proven false anyway). Who cares what he thinks. This is my meal. This is my story.

My lunch all week reflects my mood: I’m feeling cheap and sorry for myself while at the same time feeding my addiction to a simple buttered bun with cheese. Today brought a bit of light to the end of this week of a tunnel though: one possible freelance job and one confirmed freelance assignment.

I was excited to tell Boobs about the assignment. But after I told him he proceeded to ask if he should wash the dishes that have been in the kitchen since Wednesday. Eh? I was seriously deflated. I told him he could feel free to wash the dishes at any time but his reasoning was that maybe I had too many things on my mind and I hadn’t gotten to them. Well ya, I (always) have things on my mind.

Maybe if I had more work I could pay for a cleaning lady. I can only dream. But, since I work from home I really should be my own cleaning lady but who’s OCD enough to be like that? Type A people. Lucky for me (?) I am Type B all the way.

I think the only side effect of eating the same thing all week is all that gluten collecting around my middle. That’s what HIIT workouts are for.





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