Roller Skate Clogs Stock Image

Roller Skate Clogs Stock Image - Royalty Free Image ID 10092969

When searching for an image of skating, I found clogs on wheels! These can’t actually be real, can they? What would Goldfinger say? Probably: “I’m wearing vooden roller skates. Isn’t dat vierd?”

Sadly, not the image I was looking for though.


Filler Diller

You know that long, drawn-out, lonely, ?@#? expanse of time between the end of the school day and when your husband gets home? Especially if he’s working late?

5 out of 5 moms agree, that that gaping black hole of time when it’s just you and your kids can suck. Out of sheer boredom, cabin fever, or being out in public – hearing other people chat instead of your kids squabbling – is often essential at these times (but also bad for the budget if you go shopping).

Boobs has to work late. If I was any kind of crafty person, I’d be arranging crafts, kiddy DIY projects or baking with my kids. I really should be doing that, but instead I’m dreaming of eating at my favourite Thai restaurant to be waited on, or going to Ikea for mystery meatballs and some ställningen. Even going to the Dollar store is an option.

It looks like it’s going to rain soon and since I probably won’t want to lug the kids around in the rain…home it is.

But oh, peanut curry………


I’ve been doing a little (too much) online shopping lately, but I think that I must have this! A fully-looped ecosystem with benefits that I can have in my own home! The instructions look so simple: just add the fish and watch your ecosystem take off!

Soph would get the fish she’s been bugging me for, I’d get all kinds o herbs to cook with in the kitchen (or just stare at on occasion and/or smell) AND I wouldn’t have to clean the tank. Bo-nus!

Screw those sea monkeys she wanted!

AquaFarm- A Beautifully Simple & Closed-Loop Ecosystem Right on Your Table.