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Trailing behind


I fell off the workout wagon so many months ago, that both my muscle tone, hips and thighs have been left dragging in the dust.

I have 2 excuses: the first is that a year ago we adopted our 2nd daughter which involved a 2-week trip to Thailand, then jet-lag and bonding with the little one and not being able to get to the gym because there’s personal protocol to spend as much time at the beginning of the bonding process with just immediate family so I was not about to put her in a gym daycare several times a week.

I did the Jillian Micheals workouts for a bit but got really tired of them.

Next (excuse #2) winter came (and hasn’t left yet) and I was in big hibernation mode.

Even though it’s still stupidly cold outside, the sun has given me a bit more motivation because the warmth is sure to follow those golden rays and I’ve finally had enough of not working out enough. My new favourite source for exercise is Bodyrock.tv aka, The Daily Hiit. You can check out their web site but you have to subscribe via email, Facebook or join Pinterest to get access to the new programs. Once you do you can usually access them all on their youtube channel.

Put a hit out on your fat and Hiit daily: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/91972017364844354/