Maybe I have Halloween and horror movies on the brain, maybe I’m just thinking about upcoming holidays and whether to hotel or stay at a ‘host house’ aka my sister’s.

Over the weekend Boobs and I talked about the pros and cons of selling, renting, downsizing, etc. Then my mind wandered to the fact that maybe we couldn’t be the “Host House” anymore if we had a smaller place. We’d have floor space that’s for sure, but not necessarily beds for all. Then I got thinking of the different connotations for the word Host and when you put it with House it makes me think that a house is kind of like a blood-sucking parasite – taking what it needs from the host (money, resources).

The idea of downsizing is kind of exciting. But today when the pool guy came to close up for the season it was kind of sad, this may have been our last summer here. There’s lots to look forward to there’s no doubt about that.