Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I don’t remember what kind of flower this is. Sad, but true. I took this picture in June in our backyard. Purple, with the added bonus of a bumble bee.



I just started following this blog, Gay Pancakes, and it reminded me of a favourite scene from one of my favourite scary/gross movies.

The bangs on this girl boy kid are somethin’ else:

Buffy the buffet slayer

I feel full just looking at this picture.

I think Soph’s growing. I literally looked at her the other day and though, “my, she looks taller” – and I see this kid every day so to make me think that all of a sudden, I’m choosing to believe she shot up a bit overnight.
Today after I picked her up from her 2nd last day of Mandarin camp, I had a hankering for a Chinese buffet. So we went. There’s one down the street from us. Isn’t that convenient?

Soph started off with a hunk of honeydew melon, some peaches, some oranges and a few cooked shrimp. Much healthier than my first course. Her second course was a bowl of noodles, broccoli a piece of tofu and some fish. She ate the whole bowl – another reason I think she’s growing because it’s usually hard to get her to eat half a sandwich for goodness sakes. I had dumplings, coconut cake and a steamed bun.

Third course was one scoop of strawberry ice cream, which quickly turned into strawberry soup while I was serving myself another few dumplings and some sushi.

I left pretty satisfied: one, because Soph ate quite a bit and we got her $5 worth of food and then some, and I was stuffed meself.

Combo me this

I found a cheddar flavoured Combo the other day. It rolled out from under my keyboard. Clearly, I don’t clean enough.

But what I’m more upset about, is that I didn’t get to enjoy that one last morsel of fatty snack food when I opened the bag oh, I’d say about 5 months ago…

It just rolled away into stale obscurity.

There’s a tooth on the loose

Soph lost her first tooth today! I was not expecting the Tooth Fairy needed to come knocking until at least mid August.

I suspect that between all the fiddling today (and trying to eat corn on the cob yesterday) that it was ready to leave its nest.

She came running upstairs with her tooth in her hand and her mouth was a bit bloody but she didn’t care. All that mattered was that the Tooth Fairy’s coming tonight. I don’t remember getting so excited.

So, I spent some time looking around for some toothy printables and I found a great one on HowDoesShe.com (If you want to access their great stuff, just sign up for their newsletter).

We’ll create our Tooth Fairy Invoice tonight, tuck it under the pillow with the tooth and see if she pays up!

I’m also hoping the TF will write Soph a note and remind her that she’s in cahoots with Santa and also knows when people are minding their manners.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Tut, tut, it looked like rain, so I set up camp inside your patio umbrella.

I hate spiders.

We found this gross little monster living inside our patio umbrella when we opened it up for the first time last season.

Did I mention that I hate spiders?

Get off the road!

What kind of job posting is this?  Just how long can you write a description about someone’s driving? Unless, of course they have several things they need to improve on, like road rage, tailgating, speeding tickets, involvements in high speed chases.

In brackets it says Downtown. Now, does that mean the driving takes place downtown, or the job itself? Hmm.

It caught my attention, but I definitely won’t be applying.

How is my driving? (Downtown)

Date: 2012-07-19, 8:25PM EDT
Reply to: qkdwp-3150677905@job.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Essay length writing RFP for people willing to describe at painful length my own skill at operating a motor vehicle.

  • Location: Downtown
  • Compensation: TBD
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 3150677905

Cat creationism

Who made you, Sally Sue?

Lately Soph’s been asking questions about who’s made this, who made that. Mostly she’s been asking about her toys. The other morning she asked, “Who made cats?” A good question with a much longer and philosophical answer than what a) I could give in the morning, or b) she might feel like listening to. I said, “Well God made them, don’t you think?” She nodded agreeably. That takes care of that, for the time being. Next time she asks again I’ll defer her to Boobs and get him to respond.

Speaking of cats, did you know there’s now a first-ever Cat Film Fest on the net? Check it out.

Cat film fest

In closing, I’m left with the words of AC/DC’s song…

Can’t beat the beach

No matter where you live, if there’s a beach nearby, everything’s golden – at least for a little while. It doesn’t really matter that there’s a trail of hydro towers nearby, or a big bridge in the background. Just focus on the soft sand, the water, the rustling waves and the odd seagull’s caw. Close your eyes and you could be anywhere.

Yesterday on the way home from Stoney Creek, I decided to take a much nicer drive home than just barreling down the highway. Soph and I detoured off Centennial Drive and meandered down Eastport Drive and Beach Blvd. Next time we go back, we’ll bring a shovel and a bucket, plus money for lunch at Hutch‘s.

Oh so pompously pungent

Drink and you will feel absolute power, grasshopper.

Recently Boobs and I were on our way to a Keane concert at the Sound Academy in Toronto. We hit a T&T (Asian grocery store) on our way there because he wanted to load up on the coconut bread you can only get there. In front of the check-out was a drink display: PUNGENCY. (in caps because you need to say it like a monster truck rally announcer.

A drink called Pungency, eh? Hmm. I decided to find out more.

I visited the web site. My investigation was short-lived. While I appreciate there were a couple of lines in English here and there, that was about it. I feel like I’ll never know what this Pungency Project is all about. Unless I buy myself a bottle. But what does it taste like? What’s in it? I’m guessing it’s their translation for spicy? Strong? Sour? Hmm. It’s top-secret Japanese stuff, I guess.