Wix Poetic

In addition to figuring out what colour to paint the hugely heavy hall tree I scored for nothing on a local Facebook group, looking for freelance/part-time work and maintaining an acceptable level of sanity, I’m debating whether or not I should have an actual website.

I helped a friend set up a Wix website recently, so I went on and checked out some of the free options. It looks pretty cool but the big part for me would be trying to upload/prepare pdfs and samples of my writing. The ominous and overwhelming box of magazines sits in the back corner of my garage. That reminds me that I should bring it into the house before a mouse decides to turn it into a paper shred hotel.

Maybe I’ll wait until the kids are done school before I start. Why then? Because it’s a slow time of year (work wise) for me. I can Wixify my life out in the back yard while the kids are in the pool. I just have to make sure my computer – and my precious magazines – stay dry.