Orchestral manoeuvres are a lark

Today while listening to Classical 96.3fm, they played this orchestral ditty of Titanium:

While it was kinda catchy, all it reminded me of was this:


Farm Crawl Hamilton, July 2013

IMG_4439Last weekend I took my two kids on the 2nd annual Farm Crawl within Hamilton’s Greenbelt. Once we drove past Waterdown along Highway 5, it was a nice chance to not see a single big box chain or fast food joint during our entire 60km route. That doesn’t happen too often for me. We drove to Dundas, Copetown and Troy.

There were 4 distinctly different farms to visit and enjoy the farm animals, the fruits of each farm’s labour (aka ruby red raspberries) and see working bee hives and lavender in full fragrant bloom.

We started at about 11am and didn’t finish at our final farm until after 3:30pm. Both kids were entirely occupied by the sights and experiences at each farm, and I will definitely go again next year. I really hope that other towns/counties and rural regions think about offering the same experience.

Participating farms:

Weir’s Lane Lavender & Apiary

Jerry’s Berries

Manorun Organic Farm

Boar & Chick