There’s Room – book review

RoomRoom by Emma Donoghue
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure I wanted to read this book at first, after hearing what it was about. I decided to read it after all, since it was one of the books loaded onto the Kobo reader I borrowed from the library. Within the first few pages I knew I wanted to finish reading it, if only from the way the book is written as the point of view from the main character. It was a stressful read at times but I’m glad I finished it.

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A Monster Calls. Hello?

A Monster CallsA Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The ending hits you, like the very last couple of pages. Just as if being delivered bad news personally, while reading I suddenly became teary, had a lump in my throat and my nose got all runny. The only reason I didn’t cry harder was because my daughter was sitting beside me.

Great book.

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You Dirty Hoar(der)

My messy desk

There is a nice desk under here somewhere.

My office is a hoarding vortex. Sometimes pieces of paper and random objects also land in another part of the house and stay there for a few days (I’ll blame my 6 year-old for that part). My Nan was super fastidious with her housekeeping and so was my mom. “A place for everything and everything in its place,” she always said. What happened? I recognize it’s a weakness. Admitting there’s a problem is a first step, no?

I have good intentions and have made some attempts to organize my workspace: I brought up a garbage bag and started dumping in papers to be shredded, and I bought a foldable bin from the Dollar Store as a way to collect randomly-misplaced-throughtout-the-house objects to put them in their proper place. The bag sits on the floor, half full, below a mountain of paper on the desk. The foldable bin is on the floor with stuff in it, waiting to be sorted. Oh, and I forgot to mention the big suitcase that’s kind of in the middle of the floor. I really should put that in the basement.

And on the other side of the room, a couch piled high with crap, coats and pillows. The dresser has also acquired things that don't belong there.

Now what? My problem is never knowing where to start. I’ll be in one area trying to neaten things and bring something to another room and get totally sidetracked.

I’m going to give myself a timeline to get the office back to looking like it once did. Except now I feel pressure to come up with a timeline and stick to it. What’s acceptable to me that also fits in with everything else I need to do? How about 2 weeks. I’ll post another photo then and go from there.

Then there's the corner with yet another pile of old paperwork and a very nice handmade stained glass lamp that really should be displayed somewhere else.

You Gotta Eat Here

I must say that I’m so glad my friend lives near this place so we can eat here. Speaking of eating here, Memphis Fire BBQ will be featured on an upcoming episode of the Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here! And I have. And I do. And I love it! I impressed myself by finishing off the Whistle Dog (dog, bacon, tomato, cheese, onions, ketchup, relish) and most of the Coney Island Fries (chili, cheese, fries). The table beside me’d ordered it first and I began to drool and decided to have it too. They had to take theirs home in doggie bags. Sukkas!

Cheerio, Old Chap

Absurd Overheard – artist Karen Kurycki overhears and reads the strange things people Tweet about, and creates wonderful art from them. The picture she did of the dapper dog was from the following comment:

“Someone should make a dog chew in the shape of a pipe so when they are carrying it around they look like dapper gents.” – Matt Saunders (@rabbitportal) via Twitter.

Pip, pip!

Say Your Grace

This song came out a while ago, but I never get sick of it. It’s by Never Ending White Lights and features Dallas Green from City and Colour. Great voice on that guy and a cool name, too.

I remember listening to The Edge when Ahead by a Century came out and one of the DJs said he wanted to curl up in a corner and rock himself. When I listen to The Grace I imagine some good old-fashioned, arms-length Grade 8 slow dancing going on.

Dangit I love this song. Hold me!

Cheese, gorilla…please!

One of my goals this spring/summer is to track down the Gorilla Cheese mobile food truck in Hamilton. I. Love. Grilled. Cheese. It was my first food obsession.

Ah, the GC. Things have come a long way since I was young and my parents used to order a GC for me whenever we went out to eat. Sure, they say that I fell asleep almost every time before my food arrived, but maybe that’s what helped harness need for this hot, pressed, gooey sandwich. The fumes wafting off the plate in front of me while I slept must have crept into my olfactory senses and set up permanent residence there.

There’s the kind of GC you get at diners, with the Texas toast or just regular white bread and the processed cheese slice in the middle, then there are the more gourmet versions. I’ll eat them all. One of my favourites: the Pot Roast Grilled Cheese from Turtle Jacks Muskoka Grill, and I see there’s another on the menu I’ve yet to try.