WT Fluff?!

fluffy fluffI should have called my blog The Dumb Blog – not because I’m blond (anymore) but this is just all mental fluff, really – and not the yummy marshmallow stuff you get at the grocery store. In fact, don’t read any of it!



I seem to be obsessed with sasquatches and cheese, apparently both of which can be overpoweringly smelly.

If I was in the UK I’d definitely want to visit The Happy Cheese Pub.

Up in ma grill

I really wish The Grilled Cheese Truck drove around Canada. Those people in LA are so lucky. Waaay better than the ice cri am a happy cheeseeam truck. Those crispy, buttery, melty masterpieces. I could eat one every day. I ate a cheese sandwich (since our cafe didn’t over the grilled kind) practically every day for lunch in high school. We didn’t get lunch money, so it was the next best option for me, really.

I think the closest I’ll ever get to TGCT without having to buy a plane ticket is to make my own. How thoughtful they were to include this link.

Running, scared!

This is how I used to feel about running: scared. For years I’ve told myself (and other people who were actually runners) that I’ve always wanted to try running for fitness. But, I never did,  because some smelly metaphorical Bigfoot kept getting in my way. I never bothered putting my shoes on and going out the door, just to give it a try and see how far I could go. I work out, I’m fairly fit, except maybe around the middle where my pizza and chocolate chip cookies like to collect.

Finally last week I did put my shoes (and my iPod) on, step out the door and take my first steps to being able to finally try give myself the title of “runner”. I ran (mostly) and walked some. I was accosted by a mother goose protecting her nest as she ushered me along the sidewalk like an Italian mobster: Get Outta Hee! Then a few blocks from my house I was startled by a good-sized coyote that ran across my path and charged after something in the trees.

This might seem pretty boring, but it all made for a great first-time running experience for me.