About Me

My name’s Becky. I love reading, running, writing, being a mom, keeping fit and eating anything cheese or chocolate related. I don’t like fish, olives or cinnamon gum.

I’m a journalism grad, I’ve written for many Canadian consumer and business magazines, including a cover story for up! (Westjet’s inflight mag) which was a cool highlight of my freelancing career. I’m always on the look-out for a freelance writing gig. Over the years I’ve also found myself a bit of a hobbyist job hunter and am always sending potential job opportunities to friends and family. Most recently, I’m proud to be the editor of Look Local magazine.

On the home front, I have a family which includes a couple of black cats. I like to think of them as Laurel and Hardy – not because that’s their names, it’s more of a size comparison. Speaking of cats, I have another blog dedicated to photos and random visuals: https://catsketches.wordpress.com/. Check it out!

I have 2 girls, aka The Bickersons. And contrary to what Boobs (aka hubby) thought life was actually like with more than one kid in the house, much of it is like what you see on TV. Soph is constantly tattling on her little sis. Even when I’m in the room, it’s “Mom, G almost tried to bite me.” Or, “Mom, she’s looking at me.” The list does go on. It’s all typical.

Most of the photos on this blog are shots taken by me, some by Soph. She loves to ‘borrow’ devices that can take photos. I always get a chuckle out of seeing her work when I’m going through the pictures. She’s got some good ones! So I’m biased. BUT, her creative eye allows me to see things in a different way/light/angle.

If you’ve seen the movie Soap Dish, then you’ve heard the word, Kopf geschlagen, “brain fever” or head sickness in German (or my fav, “bran flavour”). Check out the clip:


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