G and I went to the Christie Lake Antique Show today. The temperature was perfect (except for the wind, which knocked a few of one vendor’s glasses over) and the selection was HUGE. About 10 acres of antiques. Didn’t buy … Continue reading


The Bubble Boy

Soph told me at bedtime tonight there’s a kid in her class that’s allergic to lots of things: chocolate milk, spring (pretty sure that’s what she said, and it could be true!), cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, squirrels! I was shocked: … Continue reading


What’s for lunch, butt munch?

DSCF1841Most moms will tell you they hate making school lunches. I told Boobs this and he had no idea why. He seemed so oddly oblivious to having to get up (or do it the night before, unless it’s something that’ll get soggy) and decide what to cram into your kid’s lunch for the day. Leftovers: yes, I do that. Toaster + bagel + cream cheese = yes. At least Soph likes fruit so that’s easy.

Oh, and Boobs also wondered why I got excited on Monday night because of Lunch Box day on Tuesday. Um…

Tonight at bedtime Soph asked if she could have a Happy Meal for lunch tomorrow. I asked her, “How the heck are you going to be able to have that for lunch at school tomorrow?”

“You just have to drop it off at the office,” she said plainly. Oh. What?

“Who does that? Do you know someone at school who gets that?” I asked.

“Karim,” she told me. Ugh, I shoulda known that if there was one kid in her class to get greasy Mc D for lunch, it’d be him.