The Cheese (Sandwich) Touch

cheeseGrace didn’t eat her sandwich for lunch; it was past nap time, plus she was more interested in the chocolate milk. Anyway, I ate the rest and that bread, butter and rubbery processed dairy product sent my mind back to summer: specifically our annual road trips to Cape Cod.

My dad hated flying so we drove everywhere. That’s EVERYWHERE (across both sides of Canada, all over the US) so my mom had to pack a ton of food in the bright orange Coleman cooler. We’d get up super early (I was always up first) and go. I’m pretty sure we ate them at the cottage too once we were down there.

Maybe Grace didn’t eat the sandwich because she has more refined taste than that, and was looking for the old cheddar that I usually use.


109E: children’s story about a lost cookie girl | Stump the Bookseller

Can someone help me find the title of this book? I used to own it when I was little and I want a copy for my kids. A little cookie girl gets lost and at the end she’s able to be identified by the raisin birthmark on the back of her knee.

109E: children’s story about a lost cookie girl | Stump the Bookseller.

The ‘thritis is right


I find peace at Bronte Harbour

This morning I was sound asleep, then I heard the sound of a doorbell in my sleep – you know the one from the American Horror Story series? Exactly like that, so I knew that it wasn’t our doorbell. It was weird though because I hadn’t had any freaky Piggy Piggy nightmares or anything. Not five minutes later Soph comes out of her room insisting to go downstairs at 5:30 in the morning.

Come oNNNN, man! I don’t say much. I grunt. I leave her to stand there for a few minutes and wander off, but not likely back to her room.

Then Boobs gets up for a bathroom break and falls back into bed. I was really tempted to get up and enjoy a good 2.5 hours of coffee time before having to get anyone ready for school but I forced my self to remain in bed. I decided to play Candy Crush Saga. It worked. I fell back to sleep. It was only for 1/2 an hour.

Boobs kindly pointed out the bags under my eyes this morning, but the painful, crooked finger of arthritis was pointed right back at him because he forgot to take his medication last night!

It’s Training Men

Boobs has eclectic taste in music. While we both love Depeche Mode and a bunch of other 80s bands, the line of similarity gets a bit blurry after that. Take his latest iTunes purchases, for example…

I Feel For You, by Chaka Kahn.

Dirty Dancing, by New Kids on the Block

Nite and Day, by Al B. Sure!

I can picture it now: Boobs belting out his best internal monologue version a la Chaka Kahn while doing bicep curls at the gym.

He may not have It’s Raining Men on any of his playlists, but he’s not that far off.

UPDATE: after I told him that I blabbed on my blog, he reminded me about his recent download of Rock Lobster.

Measured Matroska

matroshka measuring cupsCheck out this set of Matroska measuring cups I got! Found them along the outside of the checkout isle at Homesense this morning.

Both the top and bottom serve as different sizes of measuring cups. I like them so much I may even keep them on my counter. I might even like them so much on my counter I might bake more often! But if I bake more often I’ll eat baking more often, and if I eat baking more often I’ll have to do more Jillian Micheals more often (as fun as it is ‘n all).

ARMOR WALLET. Protects from Identity theft!

The other day I posted on my FB wall that I was going to put tinfoil in my wallet because of a segment I saw on the news. It is scary how easy it is for someone with a wireless card reader (or whatever it’s calld) to read your Pay Pass data from your bank or credit card and copy it.

This looks like a nicer option:

New product in the store…ARMOR WALLET. Protects from Identity theft!! Would make a great gift. @DTburlingtonON @BurlON @Oakville @HamON.