To My Peeps

I’m an avid Pinterest pinner, pretty much like everyone else in the world. My problem is that I pin but don’t create. I have 44 boards, 2.1k pins and nothing to show for it. Finally I found something several weeks ago on the site that I thought was just simple enough for me to tackle, (inexpensive) even though the project was for the kids.

Will this be the pin that finally broke my pinner’s block? Probably not but they did have fun. And it will make a cute centerpiece for the dining room table on Sunday.



Expanding the family tree

budThere are some things I’ve got experience with being a mom/parent, some things I don’t. I missed some of Soph’s developmental stages (22 months worth, actually). And for our new daughter G, we haven’t been able to spend her first two years together as a family. That’s what comes along with adoption.

Trying to conceive: yes, been there, didn’t do that, even after trials of various methods. Sure, it was difficult at the time, but I’m more than over it. Oh, and one useless (IMHO) fertility doc and one much better one later who told me I had premature ovarian failure (POF), we had two options: IVF or adoption. Right away I knew…

Adoption: was absolutely right for us.

Gestation: though physically irrelevant for me, people going through the adoption process, there is definitely a mental thought process centered around nesting, prepping, paperwork, and the idea of meeting a fully-formed little being with its own habits and personality traits already developed.

There’s the curve ball that gets thrown at you when you think you’ve still got another whole year to get your poop together and pick away at those nasty forms that have to be filled out for immigration.

Then there’s the phone call you get from the adoption agency asking you if you’ve filled out that nasty immigration form because you are matched with a baby and you may travel within 4 – 6 weeks to bring her home.


We were matched? With a girl? WOOHOO! Soph gets her sister after all. There was a time when we said she might be getting a brother, but maybe somehow she knew what would turn out in the end and insisted it would be a girl.

Travel overseas: immanent. Days away. A handful of sleeps, really. Soph’s spending her first night in her newly-decorated bedroom (that was once the guestroom). And at 9:55pm, she’s still not asleep. I just had to lure a cat out of her room with treats.

After many trips looking for curtains at more than one store and back again to make returns for those curtains, tomorrow I have to move all of her clothes, books and toys into the new space and get the other room set up for G. Plus Soph still needs a hamper, pictures put on the wall, etc.

Tomorrow after I take Soph to school, I’ll have fun doing a little bedroom decor shopping.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. It’s both visually appealing and stunningly informative.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Gah! I’m late in posting my weekly photo challenge. I have been preoccupied though (see previous post on how I lost potential job and still get mad when I think about it).

Oh, AND, that 30-page government form I didn’t fill out and was avoiding simply because it was so overwhelming to tackle and now I have to get it done “yesterday” because things are happening with our adoption now – not a year from now – has come back to haunt me. “Ach, it won’t be for another year,” we thought to ourselves. Procrastination, Becky is thy name.

Anyway, I love this week’s photo challenge: a gallery of what makes you happy. OK, so here’s mine:

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Head games

*not my kid

Soph and I were in Zellers this evening. As you may know, they’re closing most of their retail stores in Ontario, anway.

We went specifically for shaving cream, soap (Irish Spring) and dishwasher tabs.

We left with those, plus TP, a shirt for Soph, 2 bottles of Palmolive dish soap, a key chain with Soph’s birthday and astrological sign on it, one box of KD, and 6 boxes of Kleenex.

While we were waiting in the checkout Soph says, “I love you so much.” I was so touched. “I love you too,” I responded. Then she says all deadpan, “I don’t like you.” We both started laughing.

NOW, if she was being a total defiant stinker when she said something like that, I would not laugh at all, but her delivery was fantastic.

10 discoveries: on summer

Soph’s trademark rock star dock jump

  1. If ice cream never went on sale, I’d never buy it. There would never be an issue. No temptation, no spare tire.
  2. I will not let my kid wear flip flops to a park that has a wood chip base.
  3. No matter where you go with your kid, always bring a bottle of water and some sort of snack.
  4. My favourite new drink is a Clara.
  5. It’s been to hot for the park for longer than five minutes, unless there’s a splash pad adjacent to the park.
  6. I love road trips.
  7. Soph loves fishing. I like when someone else handles the worms and fish de-hooking.
  8. Cottages are awesome.
  9. Swimming in bodies of water where I can’t see the bottom always makes me leery – especially finding out that there’s a snapping turtle that hangs out nearby.
  10. I haven’t eaten nearly enough steak this summer.

I’ve got mail

After I posted, 2 more letters arrived!

We have a mail lady in our house. She doesn’t deliver every day, but when she does I look forward to it.

Since Soph used up all of my envelopes, I decided to get her some smaller ones at the $ store. She loves to write random scribbles and add stickers, then stuff them in an envelope and deliver them.

The method of delivery is usually her hiding in her Strawberry Shortcake tent, lifting up the bottom and chucking the letter into whatever room I’m in, then waiting. So then I say how excited I am about getting mail while I hear giggles emanating from the tent.

Today’s mail had the added bonus of a little square rock taped to the outside of the envelope. I told the mail lady I didn’t remember ordering one, but she told me to keep it.

Chalk talk

A whale of a drawing!

I know that Soph’s a creative kid. Sometimes she’ll surprise me pleasantly by drawing what I think is a fantastic picture, for someone who is not constantly putting pencil (crayon) to paper.

Her first-time drawing of a whale and I think it’s a hit! Sometimes I even have a hard time getting the body and tail proportions just right. And there’s even a spout of water. I love it!

Warm as toast

Good ol footy pjs, helping kids warm up from swimming in the pool in 35 degree plus weather since 1851 (well, probably not since back then. When were they invented anyway?).

This week was/is stinkin’ hot. It wasn’t really humid in our city, but it was HOT.

Soph and I went out in the back yard so she could swim in her pool for a bit. I usually read or bring the laptop out with me, because sadly enough, it’s only a pool for one.

She was done a half hour later so we came inside and she toweled off, then went upstairs to change.

She decided to wear her fuzzy footy pjs, because “her pool was cold.” I guess she really just have needed to warm up again, but it can’t have been that cold. And the A/C in our house certainly is not set to “Freezing”.