Sweet grass gone sour

How I miss thee, freshly laid sod. Where did we go wrong?

Soph’s at school now full-time. (!) I readily armed myself with a list of things to do this week that have been utterly neglected over the summer. Well, only one thing was ignored, and rightfully so: weeding. It was a chore I was dreading but it turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. Did I just say that? I’d say the reason was because Soph’s tucked away at school being kept busy, there was no timeline for me to finish by, and I had my iPod to keep me musically occupied.

Yard work is a cutthroat business. Humans attempt to strangle and remove noxious (obnoxious, really) weeds while they try to stake a claim in your greenery.

Our backyard was a disgusting colony of thistles until about 30 minutes ago, with the few and far between dandelion dotting the prickly landscape. Whatever happened to having a good ol dandelion infestation in your yard? They were so much more agreeable to remove, mostly because they didn’t bite back when you touch them.

The backyard is still disgusting even minus the weeds, because the grass is dead and the roots have rotted. Sure, there’s a bit of a green ring around the perimeter of the lawn, but that doesn’t give me much hope.

My next task is to rake the hell out of the dead grass, seed it and water it and see what happens between now and late fall. Here’s hoping thick, lush sprouts of Kentucky bluegrass and not Canada thistle, prickly lettuce or anything else that is not GRASS.


Fear & Loathing of Laundry

I’m so disorganized I can’t even organize a regular laundry night for myself. I have no excuse.