I can see for tiles

I didn’t want to get out of the bathtub. It’s so peaceful there, but I had to eventually – only to write a blog post before bed…

…about bathtubs. Well, more like their surroundings. When you listen to music, do you make up an elaborate story or some kind of sequence that would match a movie score? I do – depending on my mood and what music is playing.

I also like to find pictures within objects. In the summer I could see the face of a fawn in my fence while I lounged on the deck chair by the pool.

In my bathtub there are other animals and creatures to keep me company. Within the tiles I’ve spotted an angry grizzly bear head, tiny sloth face, a piranha-like fish mid-air ready to strike on its prey and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh, and for a brief moment there was also a raptor head but that’s since evaded me and I can’t see it anymore. At first I wasn’t sure if the bear was more like a tiger but now I’m sure it’s a grizzly.

I always face the same way when I’m in the tub, but maybe next time I’ll try the other way to see what new hidden objects I can find.

Pictorial perspective also equals pictorial distraction. Thinking about something odd or random also leaves your mind sort of free to think of everything and nothing, but in a completely peaceful way.