Fish Nix

We used to have 6 fish: 5 various types of mollies and 1 fancy tailed guppy.

One day, when I was looking across the room I noticed the water was getting green. I also noticed the guppy seemed to be missing.

I walked closer to the tank and couldn’t the little blue guy anywhere. 2 weeks later when the water was more like pea soup I cleaned the tank. There wasn’t even any evidence of his bones. Did he disintegrate or did he get eaten? Did he become weak and get sucked into the filter? I know the cats didn’t do it because there’s a glass top on the tank all of the time.

You’re my boy, blue!




I’ve been doing a little (too much) online shopping lately, but I think that I must have this! A fully-looped ecosystem with benefits that I can have in my own home! The instructions look so simple: just add the fish and watch your ecosystem take off!

Soph would get the fish she’s been bugging me for, I’d get all kinds o herbs to cook with in the kitchen (or just stare at on occasion and/or smell) AND I wouldn’t have to clean the tank. Bo-nus!

Screw those sea monkeys she wanted!

AquaFarm- A Beautifully Simple & Closed-Loop Ecosystem Right on Your Table.

Cat’s pee on a gooseberry bed

“I’m socially awkward and I will pee on things when I’m mad or scared because I don’t have the guts to meet new people.”

Nope, not introducing a new blend of Australian wine just one of my cats who will, on occasion, pee on something when it suits her angry fancy.

Is it possible for a pet to be reincarnated into another pet? Or a deceased cat who passes on almost every aspect of its personality onto the new kitten(s)?

I’m thinking yes.

Take our old cat, Holmey (Boobs named her. Yes, her). She was a great pet. A fluffy, petite black cat with yellow eyes and who was very friendly, at least with Boobs and I. She liked playing fetch, she’d cuddle at the end of the bed nearly every night, and she’d sit on my lap. She never climbed on the counters, she never ate anything she wasn’t supposed to. But, she was a big chicken. When she was mad, she’d pee on something. Like the time Boobs’ dad left the basement door closed and we came home that night to find poop by the front door. Or when she peed in Boobs’ hockey bag, probably protesting how bad it smelled. Didn’t happen too often but it’s a super #@#$ to make sure you get rid of.

Honestly, we failed as first-time cat parents. She wasn’t socialized enough as a kitten – stuck in an apartment with Boobs and only ever having one visitor (me). She didn’t like newcomers and always made a wide berth around Soph. We miss her though and sometimes when Soph’s feeling overly emotional (usually at bedtime) she’ll say she misses Holmey.

About a year and a half before Homey left us, we brought Sally and Marie home. One fluffy and one sleek. Both black. Sally acts like Holmey in every way, minus the lap sitting and bed cuddling, but the other cat will do both. Sally will run upstairs when the door bell rings (check), she slinks away the same way Holmey did. She hides in the same spots she used to. She plays fetch (check). Check, check, check.

I had to get out of bed at 6:30am this morning because Soph came into our room with a message that Sally pooped on the guest bed. I’d had a crappy sleep anyway so I got up to clean up. Got rid of the poop only to find out she’d peed there too. More than once. All thanks to the workmen we’ve had in the basement over the last 4 days because she was too afraid to go down to use the litter box.

I told my friend that I was going to publicly shame Sally on FB but she sent me a funny link that does the job. Go on, Shameyourpet.

Note: not my pet. Source: via Becky on Pinterest

Check out this book on pet pee poetry and other stories by cats. It’s funny because it’s true:

Source: via Becky on Pinterest

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Gah! I’m late in posting my weekly photo challenge. I have been preoccupied though (see previous post on how I lost potential job and still get mad when I think about it).

Oh, AND, that 30-page government form I didn’t fill out and was avoiding simply because it was so overwhelming to tackle and now I have to get it done “yesterday” because things are happening with our adoption now – not a year from now – has come back to haunt me. “Ach, it won’t be for another year,” we thought to ourselves. Procrastination, Becky is thy name.

Anyway, I love this week’s photo challenge: a gallery of what makes you happy. OK, so here’s mine:

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Book titles inspired by cats?

Why Marie, that’s a fine balance.

My cats are bad. I know, “what cats aren’t?” you’re asking. Well, in my defense, our other cat was never bad. Sally and Marie chew things and they sit where they shouldn’t.

After I took this photo of Marie, I got thinking. If Rohinton Mistry and Michael Ondaatje had cats, did they inspire their book titles? Perched on this chair definitely requires A Fine Balance and when she’s sitting boldly on the table, it suddenly becomes The Cat’s Table.

Naughty kitties.

Cat creationism

Who made you, Sally Sue?

Lately Soph’s been asking questions about who’s made this, who made that. Mostly she’s been asking about her toys. The other morning she asked, “Who made cats?” A good question with a much longer and philosophical answer than what a) I could give in the morning, or b) she might feel like listening to. I said, “Well God made them, don’t you think?” She nodded agreeably. That takes care of that, for the time being. Next time she asks again I’ll defer her to Boobs and get him to respond.

Speaking of cats, did you know there’s now a first-ever Cat Film Fest on the net? Check it out.

Cat film fest

In closing, I’m left with the words of AC/DC’s song…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Soph & Miss Marie

Soph loves both her cats: Miss Marie (pictured) and Sally Sue, but Marie’s the one that follows her all over the house and will go find Soph when she’s called.

We brought them home from the animal shelter in September 2010.

They’re true pals.

Cat nipped

Why couldn’t my mint and basil have done as well as the nasty catnip plant I put in the herb garden last year? It’s a bush now and I’ve had to yank out several stocks to keep it from invading the personal space of my parsley and rosemary.

The cats do like it though, so I feel kinda bad tearing the whole plant out. Ach, maybe I won’t rip it out.

Sally and Marie had some the other day, and by the looks of them in these pictures, they felt as crazed as they look:

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Who knew? Cats do chew

Marie: Oh boy, looks like it’s time to cuddle! Can I sit on your lap now?

Summer isn’t the best time for lap cats. I sure miss my jeans right about now, because Marie was trying to nestle on my lap, something scared her and she sprung off my skin, avec claws.

Also unpleasant is the chewing of legs of furniture in the bedroom by a cat (Sally). It’s surprisingly loud which equals annoying. I threw a couple of pieces of clothing but they didn’t land close enough to scare her and I finally had to get out of bed and shoo the furry offender away.

OK, I’m awake (NOW).

Mmm, arms… nom, nom, nom.

Other things have been victims of cat chewing: Sally’s favourite armchair near the window. The arm closest to the window has little bite marks all over it.

Mulan, while she might be a great warrior and Disney princess figurehead, was no match for Sally’s penchant for vinyl voluptuousness. Chewing was mostly concentrated on the arms. And I just remembered that back when they were kittens Marie cost me a new charger for my Macbook due to chewing.

What’s with the chewing on the arms and legs of things? What a primal and animalistic thing to do.

Sally, at the breakfast bar: Uh, ya I’ll take an order of wood and a side of vinyl. To go.

I don’t remember our first cat chewing on anything other than her own toys and even they stayed in mint condition.

Maybe it’s because this time around we have two of them and it’s a sibling rivalry thing.