Don’t rush my leisurely breakfast

There’s one way to fee like a tourist even if you’re only a few kms from your home: eat breakfast somewhere on a weekday.

My friend and I went to Jack & Lois last Friday morning. I looked at the menu and what did I see included with your brekkie? Grilled cheese. I was sold! A place after my own heart. Homer Simpson is to donuts what I am to GC.

We had the whole entire patio to ourselves and it was a stellar sunny day outside. Even though we were in Hamilton and I live in the city beside it, the street itself is changing daily and has become pretty touristy. James Street North is now famous for its Supercrawl festivals and lots of places to eat are popping up everywhere.

Go when everyone else is rushing to work. Grab a seat and people watch. Drink as many cups of coffee as you can but take your time. Enjoy your food slowly and on the way back to your car, scope out a place you can try next.


To My Peeps

I’m an avid Pinterest pinner, pretty much like everyone else in the world. My problem is that I pin but don’t create. I have 44 boards, 2.1k pins and nothing to show for it. Finally I found something several weeks ago on the site that I thought was just simple enough for me to tackle, (inexpensive) even though the project was for the kids.

Will this be the pin that finally broke my pinner’s block? Probably not but they did have fun. And it will make a cute centerpiece for the dining room table on Sunday.


Farm Crawl Hamilton, July 2013

IMG_4439Last weekend I took my two kids on the 2nd annual Farm Crawl within Hamilton’s Greenbelt. Once we drove past Waterdown along Highway 5, it was a nice chance to not see a single big box chain or fast food joint during our entire 60km route. That doesn’t happen too often for me. We drove to Dundas, Copetown and Troy.

There were 4 distinctly different farms to visit and enjoy the farm animals, the fruits of each farm’s labour (aka ruby red raspberries) and see working bee hives and lavender in full fragrant bloom.

We started at about 11am and didn’t finish at our final farm until after 3:30pm. Both kids were entirely occupied by the sights and experiences at each farm, and I will definitely go again next year. I really hope that other towns/counties and rural regions think about offering the same experience.

Participating farms:

Weir’s Lane Lavender & Apiary

Jerry’s Berries

Manorun Organic Farm

Boar & Chick

Measured Matroska

matroshka measuring cupsCheck out this set of Matroska measuring cups I got! Found them along the outside of the checkout isle at Homesense this morning.

Both the top and bottom serve as different sizes of measuring cups. I like them so much I may even keep them on my counter. I might even like them so much on my counter I might bake more often! But if I bake more often I’ll eat baking more often, and if I eat baking more often I’ll have to do more Jillian Micheals more often (as fun as it is ‘n all).


I’ve been doing a little (too much) online shopping lately, but I think that I must have this! A fully-looped ecosystem with benefits that I can have in my own home! The instructions look so simple: just add the fish and watch your ecosystem take off!

Soph would get the fish she’s been bugging me for, I’d get all kinds o herbs to cook with in the kitchen (or just stare at on occasion and/or smell) AND I wouldn’t have to clean the tank. Bo-nus!

Screw those sea monkeys she wanted!

AquaFarm- A Beautifully Simple & Closed-Loop Ecosystem Right on Your Table.

Goodbye, Hello Kitty

Yesterday, as you may recall, was December 1st: the first day on the ol’ advent calendar. About two weeks ago Soph and I were at Shoppers Drug Mart, I think, and I bought her a Hello Kitty advent calendar. I told her that on the first of the month we’d crack a window each day and she could have a chocolate and count down to Christmas.

I think all she heard was “…have a chocolate.”

Anyway, “Aha” I suddenly remembered what day it was and went to the cupboard with the calendar in it. Pulled it out, only to find that more than half of the windows had been opened and the chocolate already advented.

Hello Kitty promptly went bye-bye into the garbage. Ya, I remember hiding in the kitchen behind a curtain, clutching a bag of Oreos while my mom was on the phone, but that was one time. For Soph, this isn’t the first time. What’s the best solution – aside from the obvious of not storing stuff conveniently under the counter. Not buying anything at all or putting a temporary ban on treats maybe?

This piece of Dave Chappelle’s standup routine reminds me of the situation a little (warning: some language):

One banana, two banana…. nope, just one

And now I will attempt to make banana muffins, using only one banana. Yes, it is possible!

Why one? Because it was the only one in the bunch that didn’t get eaten. Why didn’t it get eaten? Because I left it in my purse over Thanksgiving weekend and it turned all black and unappetizing.

Why make banana muffins using only one banana out of a black and unappetizing looking banana? Because I like banana muffins and you’re supposed to use a ripe banana.

Here’s the recipe I found:

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Sign fail in my very own ‘hood. The restaurant has since been replaced with a sushi joint. Perhaps the Wangs on Tuesdays were too chewy or Thursday’s Jim night was a big flop.

I saw this sign fail and made Boobs turn the car around so I could take a photo. I still wish I had the photo I took of Baskin Robbins’ sign advertising cakes for Father’s Day. My phone was stolen though.

I believe it was supposed to say: Give Your Dad a Creamy Treat” But someone changed it to:

“Give Your Dad a Creamy Tit”

Well, I never!