To My Peeps

I’m an avid Pinterest pinner, pretty much like everyone else in the world. My problem is that I pin but don’t create. I have 44 boards, 2.1k pins and nothing to show for it. Finally I found something several weeks ago on the site that I thought was just simple enough for me to tackle, (inexpensive) even though the project was for the kids.

Will this be the pin that finally broke my pinner’s block? Probably not but they did have fun. And it will make a cute centerpiece for the dining room table on Sunday.



6 Fun Things to Do With Peeps! – easter decorating –

Once again, still trolling Pinterest for centerpieces to impress my family with this weekend and distract them from the fact that not all of the food is ready at the same time and end up being served lukewarm.

6 Fun Things to Do With Peeps! – easter decorating –

A penchant for primates (of the sock variety)

I’ve discovered I have an underlying fetish. It’s sock monkeys. Early in the summer I purchased this Matryoshka-like nesting doll set:

and the other day I ordered this game for Soph from Chapters:

Except the other day I found this same game at Winners so I bought one for a friend’s toddler for Christmas.

And every morning I slip my sleepy feet into my spectacular pair of Target sock monkey slippers:

Soph has a pink sock monkey in her room, from Toys R Us. Kind of like this one:

Then I got thinking about the history this little monkey…

Red Heel® socks were first cranked out of the factory in 1890 by The Nelson Knitting Mills in Rockford Illinois (John was a Swedish immigrant). What’s Swedish for “socks”? I don’t know. Ask someone at Ikea. Anyway, John set up his sock knitting machines in 1869, and the Nelson Knitting Co was incorporated in 1880 – the first to manufacture socks! His famous toe-concealers were worn mostly by farmers and factory workers, now seen on Ugg-wearing tweens and high school girls. In 1932, John urged his factory workers to lovingly sew a red heel into each sock so people would know they were the real sock-sewing deal.

Sock monkeys were created by clever crafters as toys during the Depression, using Mr. Nelson’s smelly worn out special red-tipped socks. In 1951 Nelson Knitting Mills started to include the directions on how to make your own SM with each pair of their Red Heel® Socks.

Strange days at home

Scary things are happening in my house this week.

My dining room has been hit by a poltergeist hellbent on redecorating the dining room. The Banshee (she, being me) has decided orange is no longer OK year round and it’s time to reap in the Harvest Brown (Behr).

No room to dine in the dining room (or in the design world, “Before”).

And here’s Frankenstein. Actually, it’s just me just removing the screws from the switch plates and I had nowhere to put them down.

“…nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose…”
― Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Lastly, we’re waiting for 30-page government form from hell to ghost through Customs and Immigration Canada so we can get our letter of approval and start planning our trip to Thailand to bring home baby girl #2 just in time for Christmas!!!!! This is both scary and phantasmal-y fantastic news for our family.


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Gah! I’m late in posting my weekly photo challenge. I have been preoccupied though (see previous post on how I lost potential job and still get mad when I think about it).

Oh, AND, that 30-page government form I didn’t fill out and was avoiding simply because it was so overwhelming to tackle and now I have to get it done “yesterday” because things are happening with our adoption now – not a year from now – has come back to haunt me. “Ach, it won’t be for another year,” we thought to ourselves. Procrastination, Becky is thy name.

Anyway, I love this week’s photo challenge: a gallery of what makes you happy. OK, so here’s mine:

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What a difference a day makes

Wow, the school year is off to a grand start. OK, I’m being selfish.

It’s actually because I’ve accomplished a bunch of crap that’s been needing to get done. With Soph at school all day, mom gets to play get stuff done:

The grass was a disaster after the drought we had over the summer, mixed with the lack of attention we’d given the lawn. So, it needed to be weeded, raked, seeded. Check.

The garage needed to be swept and the shelves we acquired from friends who moved away were neatly placed along the back wall and stocked with the crud that was collecting on the floor. Done.

The shower floor needed a great big scrub. Yup.

Still on my list of pre winter accomplishments:

A very nice armoire given to us by previously-mentioned friends needs to be refinished or painted. Haven’t decided which (I must first consult Pinterest).

Paint the dining room.

Would like to paint the kitchen/family room.

Get some extra contract writing work. That really belongs at the top of the list.

Writers write, right?

Sometimes when you work your mind develops a calmness that spurs new thoughts and inspires further creation. It makes what you’re doing worth it and makes you want to do more. Like this sunset I photographed in Mazatlan, Mexico, it looks peaceful on the outside, but is deep and full of movement underneath.

Right this very moment I’m doing something that I realize that I enjoy: writing. “But, you have a blog and you’re a ‘writer’,” you say. Ya, I know but maybe it’s because Boobs is out of the house and he brought Soph along with him; I’m sitting properly at my desk and not on the couch, therefore invoking the ergonomic gods to help me work; I’m playing all the songs I like on iTunes through my very nice sounding speakers while I work; I can take a break every few minutes to check my email, Facebook or Kijiji (which I am also addicted to). And it all seems very easy, seamless, pleasant, even.

Why don’t I do this more often? Well, I would if I had more than one freelance assignment every other month. In fact, since Soph is at school full-time one of my goals is to attract more business (somehow – but in a mainstream, healthy way so get your mind out of the gutter).

Something else that will be a nice change is that I’ll be able to submit my work early, rather than on time. It’s due tomorrow a.m., also inspiring me to accomplish more with my day tomorrow and not just one thing on my to do list. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, there’s more weeding to be had, dead grass to be raked, grass seed to be purchased, pillars to be sanded and painted, furniture to be refinished. When I have the time (and don’t have the distractions) those are all tasks that I can make a little nicer by bringing my iPod along, taking my time and just keeping my thoughts to myself and not have to discuss/argue/bargain with anyone under the age of 7 while I work. I can just think, do, hum along, and be.


Last week Soph and I tagged along with my sister and her daycare charges to the Royal Botanical Gardens. I’d never been there before (and 16 years ago, way back when I was scouting locations for wedding shots it was booked, and it rained that day so I woulda been foiled all around).

It’s a beautiful spot with lush gardens to wander through, hiking trails and there’s usually a theme of some sort. Soph had been there before during the insects theme. I have a cute shot of her posing beneath a giant spider.

We happened to be there during Zimsculpt, when they were displaying gorgeous stone sculptures of Zimbabwe:

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Discovering Burlington Art Centre

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Earlier this week Soph and I made a pit stop at the Burlington Art Centre. Not because either of us had to pee, but we were dropping Soph’s cousin off at art camp.

From the street, it looks like a tiny but funky art gallery type place. It’s huge inside! Hallways that go on forever, various rooms and galleries branch off here and there; an outdoor patio centered in the middle of the building. What I really liked was the greenhouse/atrium we walked past on our way out. The room is bright, sunny and filled with sculptures, artwork and many different types of plants, trees and flowers.

Maybe next year I’ll sign Soph up for art camp there and while I’m waiting for her, I’ll sit out on the patio and go for a quick stroll through the greenhouse. Or, maybe I’ll sign myself up for a class.