Free Online Books!

This has to be one of the best online reading sites I’ve found. There are other good ones, such as Tumble Books, but what I like about this site is its selection of popular kid’s books that range from birth to age 10.

Summer: We Give Books Read for My Summer | We Give Books.


109E: children’s story about a lost cookie girl | Stump the Bookseller

Can someone help me find the title of this book? I used to own it when I was little and I want a copy for my kids. A little cookie girl gets lost and at the end she’s able to be identified by the raisin birthmark on the back of her knee.

109E: children’s story about a lost cookie girl | Stump the Bookseller.

Books from the 70s

I went on Pinterest to look for Easter table decor and got distracted.

Does anyone else know the book(s) that this art came from? It’s Richard Scarry! I still have my Richard Scary book and it’s all tattered and has lots of pencil doodles in it – mostly of some of the characters wearing glasses. And I get mad at my kids when they draw on books. I love the artwork in the books. Oh – and that you could search for Goldbug on every page. In fact, I’m going to read it before I go to bed. To my kids, I mean.

Book titles inspired by cats?

Why Marie, that’s a fine balance.

My cats are bad. I know, “what cats aren’t?” you’re asking. Well, in my defense, our other cat was never bad. Sally and Marie chew things and they sit where they shouldn’t.

After I took this photo of Marie, I got thinking. If Rohinton Mistry and Michael Ondaatje had cats, did they inspire their book titles? Perched on this chair definitely requires A Fine Balance and when she’s sitting boldly on the table, it suddenly becomes The Cat’s Table.

Naughty kitties.

Toilet, humor me

Photo credit: Kaboodle

Do you know anyone that puts the same amount of work into bathroom time as this guy? I doubt it. This list rivals any bathroom excursion.

Each session must include:

  1. iPod, which may contain the musical stylings of Linda Ronstadt, The Wanted, Jay Z, Nickleback, Platinum Blonde, Billy Idol or Micheal Bolton.
  2. A clear, loud voice for signing along
  3. A Sudoku book (preferably Crazy or Kamikaze level).
  4. A pen, for both solving the Sudoku puzzles and to be used in lieu of drumsticks.
  5. Foot stomping, in time to any catchy tune such as Rush’s new release, Headlong Flight.
  6. Sessions may not be less than 45 minutes and may extend up to 120 minutes.
  7. Additional household members must be prepared to endure this regular time-consuming schedule.

Why do guys take so long in the bathroom? If yours doesn’t, count yourself lucky. Have I mentioned that seeing pictures of people on the can really creeps me out? Yet I put one here anyway. It’s merely for the reader.

My invisible Red Thread

Right now I’m watching The Invisible Red Thread, that aired a few days ago on TV. I’m thankful that I stumbled on it through my WordPress Reader. It’s a documentary about a girl who travels back to where she was born and then adopted by a family from Toronto.

Hearing Vivian’s “What if” questions made me sad: wondering what her life would be like if she’d been adopted by another family, if she was never given up and remained in China, thinking about all of the questions I’ll have to answer or my daughter will be thinking, and not asking, as she grows up.

Something that I’ve come to realize and firmly believe as I’ve gotten older, and since adopting, is that although blood may technically be thicker than water, biology is essentially irrelevant when it comes to love and forming bonds within a family.

I really hope one day that my daughter, husband and I can travel back there – if she wishes – and we can explore China once gain.

Definitely had a lump in my throat at the end of the film when Vivian and her dad came back home and her mom ran to greet her with a big hug.

A few shades of awkward?

Awfully-written line from our 50 Shades knockoff: She fondled the ornate carving longingly, readily and lustily and assuming that it was ribbed for her own pleasure…

Thursday is an ok night of the week. But, it’s way better when you can go over to your friend’s place for Bravas and Pete’s Tea.

And, the older kids are so good at playing with Soph, we sat back and hung out. Then we started talking about why the heck my friend is reading 50 Shades of Grey. Then we started making up our own really bad 50 Shades lines.

My friend’s husband was there too. He sat there bravely and listened to us. Ach, he made up a few of his own.

Is that weird? We laughed. It gave us something to do while we were enjoying our beer and Doritos.

I still haven’t read the book yet. I might if someone handed me their copy and I didn’t have to worry about being seen returning it to the library. I’m still on the fence, plus I’m still making my way through book 3’s Game of Thrones.

A rom-comedy of thrones

I love this.

Game of Thrones is one of my absolute favourite shows (and I”m plowing my way through the books).

It’s a bit scary how well the song and the edits go so well together to make it believable. Brienne would totally flatten Jaime though, but maybe that’s what he needs.

I’ve seen both seasons and the character paired as  romantic duos is really funny.

Here’s someone’s take on a trailer if the show was a romantic comedy.

Art crawl, culture and crowds

This gallery contains 30 photos.

Every second Friday night in downtown Hamilton (ON) there’s what’s called an Art Crawl. Galleries, restaurants, pubs, shops & bands are all out in the open until at least 11pm. It’s a very cool, although sometimes questionably smelly, way to … Continue reading