Don’t rush my leisurely breakfast

There’s one way to fee like a tourist even if you’re only a few kms from your home: eat breakfast somewhere on a weekday.

My friend and I went to Jack & Lois last Friday morning. I looked at the menu and what did I see included with your brekkie? Grilled cheese. I was sold! A place after my own heart. Homer Simpson is to donuts what I am to GC.

We had the whole entire patio to ourselves and it was a stellar sunny day outside. Even though we were in Hamilton and I live in the city beside it, the street itself is changing daily and has become pretty touristy. James Street North is now famous for its Supercrawl festivals and lots of places to eat are popping up everywhere.

Go when everyone else is rushing to work. Grab a seat and people watch. Drink as many cups of coffee as you can but take your time. Enjoy your food slowly and on the way back to your car, scope out a place you can try next.


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