G and I went to the Christie Lake Antique Show today. The temperature was perfect (except for the wind, which knocked a few of one vendor’s glasses over) and the selection was HUGE. About 10 acres of antiques. Didn’t buy anything, but got lots of ideas and saw some things I might’ve bought if I was better prepared (more cash, no kids with me). The next show – at the same place – is in September. There’s another show soon in Milton.

Furniture: there was so many different pieces. I’d love to get an antique hall tree. Some vendors had redesigned and refinished their pieces with funky fabrics or distressing. It got me thinking that I should do that with at least 3 pieces I have in my house.

Toys: lots of cute ones, creepy ones – and some likely racially offensive.

Glass: A lot of coloured glass beyond the typical green and red: the blue and pink was really attractive. I was also really interested in the tall cake/dessert plates in various sizes and the jugs as well. They were sorta pricey: $64 for a smaller cake plate and higher than that for a jug. I’m sure they would have come down a bit, especially at the end of the day so they don’t have to drag everything back to the truck.

WTF: all the random yet odd things you see at these shows that makes you wonder who the heck made it, who the heck would have wanted it, and why the heck is it still on this earth waiting for posses another owner…

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