Something else that sucks

Our vacuum is one of the Eureka’s that’s supposed to clean as well as a Dyson. And it does. But looks like it’s got a bit of a weak heart. The other day Boobs started vacuuming our bedroom. He vacuumed up a bloody sock.

Who does that? He said he only saw one, picked it up and chucked it into the hamper. So I’m guessing he was eying one sock into the bin and still vacuuming with the other. He shorted the motor in the brush and it smelled bad.

I only bought it about a month and a half ago. And I don’t even have the receipt anymore, so if the vacuum store wants to charge me any more than $50 I’ll be mad.


2 thoughts on “Something else that sucks

  1. If your house is littered with bloody clothing then I have something to tell you …. the vacuum is not your highest priority.

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