Goodbye, Hello Kitty

Yesterday, as you may recall, was December 1st: the first day on the ol’ advent calendar. About two weeks ago Soph and I were at Shoppers Drug Mart, I think, and I bought her a Hello Kitty advent calendar. I told her that on the first of the month we’d crack a window each day and she could have a chocolate and count down to Christmas.

I think all she heard was “…have a chocolate.”

Anyway, “Aha” I suddenly remembered what day it was and went to the cupboard with the calendar in it. Pulled it out, only to find that more than half of the windows had been opened and the chocolate already advented.

Hello Kitty promptly went bye-bye into the garbage. Ya, I remember hiding in the kitchen behind a curtain, clutching a bag of Oreos while my mom was on the phone, but that was one time. For Soph, this isn’t the first time. What’s the best solution – aside from the obvious of not storing stuff conveniently under the counter. Not buying anything at all or putting a temporary ban on treats maybe?

This piece of Dave Chappelle’s standup routine reminds me of the situation a little (warning: some language):

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