If you’re dead tired, try the Dead & Breakfast Inn

It’s pretty rare to find a seriously well-decorated house around this time of year. I’ve had enough of those plastic oh-dear-the-witch-flew-into-the-window decals. Well there was one house around the corner that was well done. Fog, tombstones, candles and the Big Bad Wolf lurking under a tree:

Can you spot the wolf?

And just this week I drove past the charming Dead & Breakfast Inn but, you guessed it: No Vacancy:

Actually Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. I’ll take it over Valentine’s and St Paddy’s days. See, Halloween = candies and chocolates. No need for flowers, unless they’re black roses. St Paddy’s day = drink and wear green, but on Halloween you can drink your face off and paint your face Frankenstein green and eat candies and chocolates.


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