What a difference a day makes

Wow, the school year is off to a grand start. OK, I’m being selfish.

It’s actually because I’ve accomplished a bunch of crap that’s been needing to get done. With Soph at school all day, mom gets to play get stuff done:

The grass was a disaster after the drought we had over the summer, mixed with the lack of attention we’d given the lawn. So, it needed to be weeded, raked, seeded. Check.

The garage needed to be swept and the shelves we acquired from friends who moved away were neatly placed along the back wall and stocked with the crud that was collecting on the floor. Done.

The shower floor needed a great big scrub. Yup.

Still on my list of pre winter accomplishments:

A very nice armoire given to us by previously-mentioned friends needs to be refinished or painted. Haven’t decided which (I must first consult Pinterest).

Paint the dining room.

Would like to paint the kitchen/family room.

Get some extra contract writing work. That really belongs at the top of the list.


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