And I thought only my mind made up $%@ like that

This photo has nothing to do with my dreams. Although I hate being chased, thankfully I don’t have dreams where I’m being chased by a thug, monster, dinosaur or perfume sample lady.

It’s funny, the things you find out from people – especially your best friend – after you’ve known each other for, like, ever. Actually, I’ve known my best friend for her son’s entire life and he’s 19 years old. So for him, that’s kinda forever.

We still have conversations that divulge new info about one another. Recently, the topic has been dreams. More specifically, the topics in the dreams. What’s also interesting is finding out you have the same type of dreams.

Who knew that we’d both dream about…

Contact lenses, for example: a couple of weeks ago I had a dream (that I’ve had before) in which my contact lens had suddenly become so big that there’s no way I was going to be able to fit it into my eye.

Bathroom stalls: why are the stall walls so short? You’re there sitting on the John and there’s no privacy from anyone else in the room because the walls only reach up to seat height! This is a particularly stressful dream for me. Hmm, I wonder why.

Confusing school schedules: it’s the morning of the first day of school and I have no idea where my classes are, I don’t have a copy of my schedule and for some reason I can’t get to the office to get some help, like some unseen force is preventing me from physically getting there.

What’s my combo again: I graduated from school a long time ago, but for some reason I still have a lock on my old locker at school and I can’t remember the combination in order to get any of my stuff back.

Curlers: my friend doesn’t have this one, but I have a dream where I’m waiting for the school bus at the end of my (very long) driveway and suddenly I find that I’m still wearing my curlers. Why don’t I just take them out? That would sure solve the problem, minus a hairbrush of course. What is it about our minds that stop us from resolving that one final step of a dream?

What recurring dreams do you have?


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