Curse you, 30-page government form!

We are in the drawn-out midst of adopting a second child. I just printed off the 30 pages of immigration/sponsorship that Canada requires in order for us to bring a little person into this country when the time arrives.

I looked at the Document Checklist and it made my brain hurt. I flipped a few pages more and already didn’t know how I was supposed to fill out certain sections and was discouragingly perplexed. I looked at the 6-page financial form and became plainly overwhelmed.

Gotta start trudging through the pile with pen in hand… Make that pencil first, then pen.

Insert scene from Madagascar 3 here with the zebra wearing an Afro and polka dots, dancing. Da, da, dadada, da, da, da, da, da, Afro, hoops, Afro, circus, juggle, tap dance!


2 thoughts on “Curse you, 30-page government form!

  1. I feel your pain! I’m not sure what it’s like in Canada, but I know in the US it was a nightmare. We’ll never adopt again because I don’t have the energy to get that many documents notarized ever again! (Oh, and because four kids is a lot already…)

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