On dinner we did not concurry

I had such high hopes for you.

Yesterday I made dinner using Madras Curry Powder with chicken, carrots and Thai sticky rice. The directions on the package of curry powder were simple enough (add onion, brown the chicken, pour in the coconut milk) but it was the final sentence where we reached an impasse. It said follow these instructions… “And you will have a delicious dinner.”

That’s a pretty bold statement – nay demand. Soph said it was too spicy and asked for her leftover pasta from lunch. Boobs gasped, chewed and drank his way through the entire plateful. I thought it was ok and not nearly as spicy as some other things I’ve eaten. I wasn’t so much disappointed that it didn’t meet the expectations of the assuming copywriter, but that it didn’t turn out like Boobs’ favourite yellow curry dish that he orders at the Thai restaurant. That was my main wish for the meal.

Not sure what to do with the leftover package, since I’m pretty sure both of my family members will refuse to try another recipe that contains Madras Curry.


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