Head games

*not my kid

Soph and I were in Zellers this evening. As you may know, they’re closing most of their retail stores in Ontario, anway.

We went specifically for shaving cream, soap (Irish Spring) and dishwasher tabs.

We left with those, plus TP, a shirt for Soph, 2 bottles of Palmolive dish soap, a key chain with Soph’s birthday and astrological sign on it, one box of KD, and 6 boxes of Kleenex.

While we were waiting in the checkout Soph says, “I love you so much.” I was so touched. “I love you too,” I responded. Then she says all deadpan, “I don’t like you.” We both started laughing.

NOW, if she was being a total defiant stinker when she said something like that, I would not laugh at all, but her delivery was fantastic.


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