Conversations: on growing up

“This toy still smells too new. I need to drool on it some more.”

Soph said a couple of pretty funny/cute/sweet things yesterday.

1. On the way out of the Ikea parking lot, she asked if she could still use the harness straps on her booster again instead of the big person shoulder strap. I said she was a big grade 1 girl who needed a big person seat belt. Then she says, “But I still have boogers.” I laughed and told her that no matter how old you get, you can still have boogers.

2. Later, after story time we were talking furniture. She asked why we turned her small bet / convertible crib into a big bed and that she wanted the little bed still. I reminded her again that she’s a big girl who needs a big girl bed that’s almost the same size as mom and dad’s. Then the conversation turned to where we bought the beds. Hers came from Sears and ours came from The Bay. She asked if she was with us in the store when we bought it and I told her she wasn’t born yet. She asked, “You adopted me?” and I said we sure did. “Thank you for adopting me,” she said in her cute little voice. Well, what could I say to that in the moment except tell her she’s the best daughter ever. Then I promptly told her to get to sleep!


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