Buffy the buffet slayer

I feel full just looking at this picture.

I think Soph’s growing. I literally looked at her the other day and though, “my, she looks taller” – and I see this kid every day so to make me think that all of a sudden, I’m choosing to believe she shot up a bit overnight.
Today after I picked her up from her 2nd last day of Mandarin camp, I had a hankering for a Chinese buffet. So we went. There’s one down the street from us. Isn’t that convenient?

Soph started off with a hunk of honeydew melon, some peaches, some oranges and a few cooked shrimp. Much healthier than my first course. Her second course was a bowl of noodles, broccoli a piece of tofu and some fish. She ate the whole bowl – another reason I think she’s growing because it’s usually hard to get her to eat half a sandwich for goodness sakes. I had dumplings, coconut cake and a steamed bun.

Third course was one scoop of strawberry ice cream, which quickly turned into strawberry soup while I was serving myself another few dumplings and some sushi.

I left pretty satisfied: one, because Soph ate quite a bit and we got her $5 worth of food and then some, and I was stuffed meself.


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