Oh so pompously pungent

Drink and you will feel absolute power, grasshopper.

Recently Boobs and I were on our way to a Keane concert at the Sound Academy in Toronto. We hit a T&T (Asian grocery store) on our way there because he wanted to load up on the coconut bread you can only get there. In front of the check-out was a drink display: PUNGENCY. (in caps because you need to say it like a monster truck rally announcer.

A drink called Pungency, eh? Hmm. I decided to find out more.

I visited the web site. My investigation was short-lived. While I appreciate there were a couple of lines in English here and there, that was about it. I feel like I’ll never know what this Pungency Project is all about. Unless I buy myself a bottle. But what does it taste like? What’s in it? I’m guessing it’s their translation for spicy? Strong? Sour? Hmm. It’s top-secret Japanese stuff, I guess.


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