Ooh, pack some slacks

Boobs and a couple of friends are going on a mancation gayaway gaycation ultimate dude destination to the UFC fight/convention in Vegas this weekend.

Boobs doesn’t text and he was wondering what to pack, so I texted his friend:

“Boobs wants to know if he should pack some fancy pants,” I query.

“I’m bringing jeans. With a hole in the crotch,” responds friend.

“You mean your sin city slacks?” I ask.

“Lol,” Lols friend.

“Should we?” He wonders.

“Only if you plan on dining somewhere fancy,” I write.

“Jeans it is!” he confirms.

Question answered.

Now, onto one of my favourite Will Ferrel SNL quotes/moments:

Fred’s Got Slacks, SNL (grr, couldn’t get it to embed)


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