Warm as toast

Good ol footy pjs, helping kids warm up from swimming in the pool in 35 degree plus weather since 1851 (well, probably not since back then. When were they invented anyway?).

This week was/is stinkin’ hot. It wasn’t really humid in our city, but it was HOT.

Soph and I went out in the back yard so she could swim in her pool for a bit. I usually read or bring the laptop out with me, because sadly enough, it’s only a pool for one.

She was done a half hour later so we came inside and she toweled off, then went upstairs to change.

She decided to wear her fuzzy footy pjs, because “her pool was cold.” I guess she really just have needed to warm up again, but it can’t have been that cold. And the A/C in our house certainly is not set to “Freezing”.


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