You’ve got Nutella

Are you nutters for Nutella? I’m not.

Well, well, well: I’ve got Nutella! Went to the mailbox this morning after dropping Soph off at school and amongst the bills, junk and magazines was a wee envelope with two packets of Nutella inside.

I’ve only ever tried it once and it didn’t hook me into a lifetime addiction like peanut butter did. Ach, maybe I’ll give it another try, like if I’ve got a hankering for some chocolate and I don’t have cookies or a Kit Kat nearby.

Maybe they’re trying to get customers back after that recent lawsuit. Some American moms filed a $3-million suit because it dawned on them – or was otherwise pointed out – that it’s not nutritious at all.

Maybe the mention of it being made with hazelnuts gave the impression that it was akin to peanut butter? Maybe those crafty advertisers said it was wholesome and part of a complete breakfast (like in the picture I took). Well, it also has a lot of sugar and saturated fat in it. And chocolate. Oh, and it’s made by the company that makes Ferrero Rocher. You can basically use it as icing for a cake, or to sandwich a couple of cookies together (aka dessert).

Always look at the label!


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