Toilet, humor me

Photo credit: Kaboodle

Do you know anyone that puts the same amount of work into bathroom time as this guy? I doubt it. This list rivals any bathroom excursion.

Each session must include:

  1. iPod, which may contain the musical stylings of Linda Ronstadt, The Wanted, Jay Z, Nickleback, Platinum Blonde, Billy Idol or Micheal Bolton.
  2. A clear, loud voice for signing along
  3. A Sudoku book (preferably Crazy or Kamikaze level).
  4. A pen, for both solving the Sudoku puzzles and to be used in lieu of drumsticks.
  5. Foot stomping, in time to any catchy tune such as Rush’s new release, Headlong Flight.
  6. Sessions may not be less than 45 minutes and may extend up to 120 minutes.
  7. Additional household members must be prepared to endure this regular time-consuming schedule.

Why do guys take so long in the bathroom? If yours doesn’t, count yourself lucky. Have I mentioned that seeing pictures of people on the can really creeps me out? Yet I put one here anyway. It’s merely for the reader.


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