Honeybees, alright alright…

Where are you going? Buzzzz…

Honeybees, all right. Woo!

Model, filmmaker, and bee activist Isabella Rosellini dresses up to look just like Burt “Burt’s Bees” Shavitz in a three minute film about the mysterious disappearance of honeybees.

It’s scientific fact and children’s community theater rolled into one. You’ll learn about the roles of the queen, the workers and drones and by the end of the film you’ll probably want to go get today’s newspaper and make a big paper beard.

This morning during breakfast Soph and I spotted a big bumblebee clinging onto a toy in our backyard pool, so we went outside and took the toy out, and the bee with it. Hopefully the heat dried him off enough so he could fly away.

Check out some other cool movie shorts from Rosellini.


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