My invisible Red Thread

Right now I’m watching The Invisible Red Thread, that aired a few days ago on TV. I’m thankful that I stumbled on it through my WordPress Reader. It’s a documentary about a girl who travels back to where she was born and then adopted by a family from Toronto.

Hearing Vivian’s “What if” questions made me sad: wondering what her life would be like if she’d been adopted by another family, if she was never given up and remained in China, thinking about all of the questions I’ll have to answer or my daughter will be thinking, and not asking, as she grows up.

Something that I’ve come to realize and firmly believe as I’ve gotten older, and since adopting, is that although blood may technically be thicker than water, biology is essentially irrelevant when it comes to love and forming bonds within a family.

I really hope one day that my daughter, husband and I can travel back there – if she wishes – and we can explore China once gain.

Definitely had a lump in my throat at the end of the film when Vivian and her dad came back home and her mom ran to greet her with a big hug.


4 thoughts on “My invisible Red Thread

  1. I will need to find this and watch it, too. I think about what our daughter will want to know as well. A line from the movie The Shunning spoken to the 20 year old girl who found out she was adopted, spoke to my soul and I hope to share it with my daughter one day: “The miracle ain’t the life you missed, it’s the life you got.” I know it won’t erase the questions, but truly we can all spend our lives asking the What if questions. I could ask What if my parents never divorced? What if my dad had not been in the Air Force and moved us around so much? What if I had chosen a different college and not met my husband? What if I had married the first guy I was considering marrying?

    I think a trip to the homeland is a good idea in the right time. We’ve made one such trip with our daughter, but hope to make another when she is older.


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