A few shades of awkward?

Awfully-written line from our 50 Shades knockoff: She fondled the ornate carving longingly, readily and lustily and assuming that it was ribbed for her own pleasure…

Thursday is an ok night of the week. But, it’s way better when you can go over to your friend’s place for Bravas and Pete’s Tea.

And, the older kids are so good at playing with Soph, we sat back and hung out. Then we started talking about why the heck my friend is reading 50 Shades of Grey. Then we started making up our own really bad 50 Shades lines.

My friend’s husband was there too. He sat there bravely and listened to us. Ach, he made up a few of his own.

Is that weird? We laughed. It gave us something to do while we were enjoying our beer and Doritos.

I still haven’t read the book yet. I might if someone handed me their copy and I didn’t have to worry about being seen returning it to the library. I’m still on the fence, plus I’m still making my way through book 3’s Game of Thrones.


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