The sound of my city

Sadly, Soph didn’t get to have fun on the Fun Slide

Soph, two other ladies and I spent the day at Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival.

It’s a “free” event every year with not free food, not free knickknacks you can buy and not free rides the kids can ride.

The music is free though, I guess that’s the main draw. This year Big Sugar, Arkells, Wintersleep, Spirit of the West, Carly Rae Jepson and a bunch of others performed this year.

The overall experience is one of crowds, food, music and carnies who have small hands and smell like cabbage. Just kidding.

All in all it’s a nice opportunity to go downtown and people watch. I love people watching. I don’t stare, per se, but I do gawk here and there. Is that the same thing? Anyway, it’s pretty bad when hold up my phone and take random photos of people. It’s worse more fun when you’re with a person who does the same.

I think I learned it from my dad. We would travel (day trips and longer, didn’t matter) and my mom would shop. Sometimes I would, sometimes I chose to sit with my dad. He’d point out this person and that person, make up a funny name for them, point out some of their interesting behaviour, etc. It’s exactly what I do today. Thanks, dad! No, seriously.

So, with this event out of the way for another year, we’ll be exploring some other, lesser heard of things the area this summer. Next, probably the Hamilton Waterfront Trail.


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