Stinker, tattler, soldier, spy

Yes, the stinker!

Today Soph and I were at Gymboree. She was at the back of the store watching TV with some of the other kids. I was semi-frantically looking for birthday gifts since everything in the store was on sale for less than $14.

One: because the store is small and it bugs me having to manouevre all around stuff and strollers. Two: when choosing gifts I seem to get overwhelmed, not in an excited kid-in-a-candy-store kind of way, more like I don’t know what to do when presented with the matchy-type outfits. Two B: I don’t want to pick out the wrong matchy-type outfit for a gift. I didn’t really dress Soph that way. I guess I like to make up my own.

Anyway, I checked on her a few times and everyone seemed to be getting along back there. After I bought some stuff I went back there to say it was time to go; there were two moms kind of eying me. When they realized I was Soph’s mom one of the moms piped up and said “She wasn’t really sharing the bench.” Sorry, who wasn’t? I thought for a minute she was apologizing on behalf of their daughter. I said “pardon?” and she said it was Soph that wasn’t sharing. I just said “Oh, OK.” and we left the store (though I did give her a talking-to about sharing, telling me if there’s a problem, etc on the way out).

Soph is the type of kid who, if pushed, pushes back. As in she isn’t the type to back down from something. She is not a pushover by any means. It can be frustrating but I hope it’ll serve her well when she gets older.

I’d be willing to bet Soph and the other girl had begun some tug-o-war thing when it came to getting real estate on the bench in front of the TV back there. But I wasn’t going to bother telling the other mom this. It’s not like Soph would sprawl across the bench and not give the other girl anywhere to sit. I’ll just come out and say it: I think your kid’s the turd, lady. This is my philosophy in most situations. Call me biased. Sorry. No, I’m not sorry.

So, when is it appropriate for another mom to tell on your kid? I’d say if someone gets hurt, someone’s spitting, yelling or screaming or otherwise blatantly being a stinker.


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