How does your garden show

While I was out in the garden… gardening… I had to hike my pants up after every few weeds and I got thinking. I know that Crocs were originally made for gardening and then I got thinking further, that people still insist on wearing them everywhere. Plus, why do men insist on wearing them? Out. Amongst us. In the gym, even.

Anyway, back to my original thought, that if there are shoes for gardening, is there gardening clothing too? Nobody should be seen pulling weeds in low-rise pants. Nobody should see people pulling weeds in low-rise pants.

Maybe some extra high-waisted pants are in order. Since I don’t have any mom jeans or any three-inches-above-the-belly-button pants left in my closet, maybe I’d better find something in my closet to wear while I’m out in the yard.

I’ve got it! I’ll put on a pair of old yoga pants – the kind with the fold down waist- and just not fold the waist down. Aha! Sounds like a good solution to me.


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