Art crawl, culture and crowds

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Every second Friday night in downtown Hamilton (ON) there’s what’s called an Art Crawl. Galleries, restaurants, pubs, shops & bands are all out in the open until at least 11pm.

It’s a very cool, although sometimes questionably smelly, way to see this city’s pretty lively art scene.

Some of it was upscale, some was on the low scale, some of it was a bit disturbing, some of it was nude, some of it was naked, and some of it made my brain hurt (just a little).

There were lots of dogs, some DJs and live bands that had the same one drunk cougar dancing wildly in front of them and some odd displays of stuffed animals in furniture shops. And there was that one alley that my friend says always smells suspiciously like urine.

I’m looking forward to the next one. Maybe we’ll stop for dinner first at Mexi-Can. Just a warning though: since I’m lactose intolerant anyone that walks behind me during the crawl better beware.


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