World Domina-shin

There’s one body part (bone) that gives me the creeps just thinking about. I’m not even talking about picturing this part broken or bloody, I cringe at the thought of it protruding there happily just under my skin surrounded by its muscles, tendons, ligaments and veins. It’s the SHIN. Don’t even get me started about shinsplints. {Insert picture of me making face similar to that of hearing nails on a chalkboard here. Forget it, just use your own imagination}.

So, you know there’s no bloody way I’d ever enter the World Shin-Kicking Contest. I won’t bother including the video because…blech, but mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to embed it.

To recover from that, I’m going to listen to a song that I LOVE by, none other than, The Shins!


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