Pool cleaning in 8 steps, when you can’t hire a pool boy

How do you properly clean a soft-sided pool? Pfft. I’d say remembering to put the tarp on is really the biggie – guarantees you a 99 per cent chance minimal cleaning’s required. Plus, if you don’t want a festering cesspool of a pool, remember to add the weekly chemical treatments.

Just to be sure, welcome to:

Backwoods Pool Cleaning 101

  1. Remove tarp from the other half of the pool, making sure to avoid spilling water onto your shoes. Heck, go barefoot. (I did say this was the backwoods method).
  2. Have your kid get into the pool.
  3. If you have extra children, put them in too. This method requires a vortex action, therefore more kids, the better. If not, go to step 4.
  4. Get your kid(s) to run around the pool in a circle as quickly as they can.
  5. Have your sieve handy/in hand.
  6. While vortex created by kid(s) swirls crud up towards the surface, scoop out leaves, bugs and/or spiders with the sieve.
  7. Congratulate yourselves on a job well done.
  8. Have a drink and tell your kid to stay in the pool and enjoy the nice clean water, because you didn’t go to all that effort for nothing.

I’m worried about the pool. It’s even more lopsided than before. The water level’s suuuper high on one side and really looooow on the other. I half expect to wake up one day after a big rain and find it flattened and the flowerbeds soggy.


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