Who knew? Cats do chew

Marie: Oh boy, looks like it’s time to cuddle! Can I sit on your lap now?

Summer isn’t the best time for lap cats. I sure miss my jeans right about now, because Marie was trying to nestle on my lap, something scared her and she sprung off my skin, avec claws.

Also unpleasant is the chewing of legs of furniture in the bedroom by a cat (Sally). It’s surprisingly loud which equals annoying. I threw a couple of pieces of clothing but they didn’t land close enough to scare her and I finally had to get out of bed and shoo the furry offender away.

OK, I’m awake (NOW).

Mmm, arms… nom, nom, nom.

Other things have been victims of cat chewing: Sally’s favourite armchair near the window. The arm closest to the window has little bite marks all over it.

Mulan, while she might be a great warrior and Disney princess figurehead, was no match for Sally’s penchant for vinyl voluptuousness. Chewing was mostly concentrated on the arms. And I just remembered that back when they were kittens Marie cost me a new charger for my Macbook due to chewing.

What’s with the chewing on the arms and legs of things? What a primal and animalistic thing to do.

Sally, at the breakfast bar: Uh, ya I’ll take an order of wood and a side of vinyl. To go.

I don’t remember our first cat chewing on anything other than her own toys and even they stayed in mint condition.

Maybe it’s because this time around we have two of them and it’s a sibling rivalry thing.


4 thoughts on “Who knew? Cats do chew

  1. I have an (evil) darling that looks almost exactly like yours. A trick we have used with some success is double sided tape or aluminum they don’t like the feel or sound of either, I would try the aluminum first as the tape can use residue. Hopefully your cat won’t be like a dog of mine that liked to eat aluminum cans!

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