Top 10 gifts for Men (who are dads)


So…Father’s Day’s less than a month away. Here are a few things that aren’t ties I think  dads would appreciate:

Man-daids Tee All dad needs to do is just point and to the object that gave him whatever injury – and make a frowny face.

Does Dad live far away? Send an E-Card

Everybody, shots! Shots! Shots! Sha-sha-sha-shots! Golf Shot Glass

A bottle of Bacon or Buffalo Wing Soda, one of Lester’s Fixins

For when dad gets that uncomfortable, dry cotton mouth: Underpants Candy                  

When your mom asks your dad if he got something on the to-do list done, he says “Shit, I gotta get that done.” He needs to consult his Shit I Gotta F-ing Get Done book.

Transform dad’s phone into vintage, nerdy gadget goodness: iPhone Vintage Camera Case                                                 

Dad can festoon his keyboard with little monsters: Mac Keyboard Duck Decals        

Braaaiiins, or beer? Both: Zombie hand bottle opener 

Got money? Got gadgets: Nerd Herder Gadget Wallets                 


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