Concert in da house (ahem, backyard)

View from the stage at McDonald Manor

Went to a house concert at my bestie’s on Sunday. No, it wasn’t a drunken outdoor dance party and there was no streaking involved. It was more like a cool, sophisticated musical interlude with food and drinks. Of course I enjoyed my 3.5 beers.

Ok there were a couple of souses there, but twas neither me nor Boobs, so who cares. Guess what, we got two 45-minute sets of fabuloso home-grown Canadian music and got to hang out with the artists after. And guess what else? Tickets were only $20 a person. Soph was free.

Who were they? Ben Sures and Angela Nussey (Evans). They’ve played together before and sounded great harmonizing each others’ songs.

Boobs wasn’t sure how he’d like the whole outdoor-listening-to some-unknown-artist-shindig. Lo and behold, he said he’d be willing to have one in our neighbourhood. That’s exciting because now I’m imagining myself being the coolest party-thrower on our street. Ever. And, since we’ve never had a party (they have no idea what the inside of our house looks like) but have, of course, participated in several that would be the poo.

Also awesome: Soph fell asleep in the car on the way home at 6:30. Drool and everything. Just as we turned onto our street, she woke up, slurped a couple of times and was a zombie until bath time.

See what happens when you try something new? Check out some videos from these artists (they’re on iTunes too):

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